The proposal on changing the penal code has been presented to Ekenoğlu

Chapter 154 of the Penal Code, which has been in effect since the British administration, has lost its currency and applicability on many levels. Considering the improved and modernized understanding of law and human rights, altering the Penal Code is inevitable. On 25 April 2008, the Initiative Against Homophobia presented their proposal on changing the articles which discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation to Fatma Ekenoğlu by also requesting that the proposal is discussed at the parliament.
In the modern world, considering homosexuality as a disease or fearing homosexuals (homophobia) are unacceptable situations. Homosexual relations are accepted as natural and they are not considered as immoral or illegal by many modern societies. Similarly to women’s rights or minority rights, gay rights are also supported by intellectual, democratic individuals and human rights organizations. Nevertheless, article 171 and following articles (172, 173) of the Penal Code categorize homosexual relations as offenses and penalize these relations with heavy sentences. These regulations are completely outdated and are against fundamental and contemporary human rights and liberties.
After the Republic of Cyprus was charged (Alekos Modinos v. Turkey) by the European Court of Human Rights for the effective Penal Code dating from the British Administration period, the articles criminalizing homosexuality were removed upon the European Council’s ultimatum.
After the presentation, the Initiative Against Homophobia expressed their request to Fatma Ekenoğlu about discussing the proposal at the parliament at their earliest convenience.

Initiative Against Homophobia

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