Queer Cyprus’ Call for Solidarity Receives More Support

(Nicosia, 14/11/16) The number of organizations condemning the attack towards awareness-raising billboards within the scope of Unspoken Project are increasing day by day.

Umbrella organization ILGA-Europe gathered 490 organizations from 45 countries active in the field of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex (LGBTI+) issues and condemned the attacks towards billboards placed by Queer Cyprus and expressed their support for the association. As one of the largest LGBTI+ umbrella organizations in Europe, ILGA-Europe requests from the presidency, prime ministry, parliament, Iskele municipality and police department to invite the public to be more sensitive towards the issue and also requests work to be conducted on finding the offenders and ensuring that each individual enjoys their rights equally.

In addition, Sweden’s Feminists for Solidarity (Feminister för Solidaritet), Turkey’s Kaos GL, Özgür Renkler, Pembe Hayat and many other organizations have showed support to the call for solidarity. Queer Cyprus, which is preparing a solidarity document which will include local organizations, has stated that they will contact all organizations willing to become signatories of the document.

While Queer Cyprus continues its activities to raise awareness, the association appreciates the support from all organizations and states that they will continue their cause towards the goal of creating a more liberated world by eliminating discrimination.

Queer Cyprus Association Administrative Board

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