Lgbtqi Youth Activism in the international and Cypriot contexts

Lgbtqi Youth Activism in the international and Cypriot contexts

For all those who will not be in Nicosia that evening IGLYO will be live streaming the event on Facebook live. Stay tuned!

LGBTQI youth activism in the international and Cypriot contexts: What can we build together?

IGLYO, the International LGBTQI Youth and Student Organisation, Queer Cyprus Association and Accept LGBTI Cyprus welcome you to an evening of interesting conversations about LGBTQI youth and student activism.

Active since 1984 IGLYO has supported thousands of LGBTQI young people on their activist journey over its 35 years of existence. This time, IGLYO has joined forces with its Cypriot members in order to bring the international and the local contexts together. Would you like to know how to get involved with the LGBTQI youth movement at the international and local level? Then, do not miss this event and discover all the opportunities that we have there for you!

Queer Cyprus Association; is a civil society movement that works to combat discrimination based on gender, gender expression, sexual orientation and gender identity. Queer Cyprus is an organization that works in various fields such as law, education, psychology, health for the access of LGBTI+’s to human rights in cooperation with local and international organizations.

Accept – LGBTI Cyprus was officially registered in September 2011 to protect and promote the Human Rights of all people, groups and minorities subjected to discrimination or mistreatment and especially those who suffer due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics. As the national LGBTI organisation it is the first, and still the only, registered LGBTI organisation in the Republic of Cyprus and comprises only by volunteers while it still is not housed in any location owing to limited funds.

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