The First Bi-communal LGBTİ+ Festival 

The First Bi-communal LGBTİ+ Festival 

On Saturday, October 5th, the 1st bi-communal festival for LGBTI+s and their allies was held, organized by Accept – LGBTI Cyprus and Queer Cyprus Association. The festival was titled “UNITED BY COLORS” and took place at the Home of Cooperation as part of the ‘Open Door Civil Society Festival’ organized by Civic Space / Sivil Alan and funded by the European Union.

The festival was designed to mark the close cooperation of the two organizations, further strengthen their relations, but also to unify the movement for the promotion and protection of human rights of LGBTI+ and social equality along the island.

With the common values ​​of intersectionality, trust, understanding, equality, equality and friendship, the two organizations have agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding, in order to maintain a sustainable advocacy.

This bicommunal union hopes to prove that cooperation, mutual understanding and coexistence of the two communities is feasible and can be an example to follow.

The aims of the Festival were, the strengthening and empowerment of the relations between the two organizations, getting to know LGBTI+s and their allies from both communities, inform LGBTI+s and their allies about the future action and cooperation of the two organizations and providing an opportunity for all individuals in both communities to express their ideas and expectations publicly.

The Festival’s program started with a discussion-workshop where people could share ideas, suggestions and expectations for future action in the framework of collaboration. Afterwards, there was a talk and briefing by representatives of the two organizations on the status of LGBTI+ issues, the needs that exist and their future cooperation and action planning. According to “OPEN MIC”, every LGBTI+ or ally had the opportunity to talk, sing or present something and then there was a music program by bands/performers and dj’s. Throughout the festival the individuals had the opportunity to paint on a cloth to be used in the future by the two organizations in their joint activities, to complement the timetable with events considered to be milestones of the common movement, and, of course, to dance and have fun! The festival culminated in a fire performance, which was symbolically lit by representatives of the two organizations.

Accept-LGBTI Cyprus and Queer Cyprus Association thank all the artists and volunteers who contributed to the implementation and conduct of the festival: Vangelis Ghettos, Evagoras Bek, Ivan Zverev, Dj-Jojo (Georgia Charalambous) and the person in charge of the sound and equipment, Vasso Agarokleous, who gave their colorful and talented touch to the festival!

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