May 17 Volunteer Call

Let’s Connect Together under the Same Sky Together with Our Colours!

We are looking for volunteers for May 17 Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia Day!

Since 2014, we were celebrating May 17 Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia Day on the streets with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this year on this special day, we will be in our homes due to Corona Virus.

We said, “We are not going to pass 17 May because we cannot leave our homes.” So, we started to prepare various activities to increase LGBTI+ awareness on social media.

In this context, we are in the preparation of a video that will be released on May 17. Do you want to take part in our video and add your colour to our video?

If you say I want it, there is no limit, the sky is the limit!

Maybe you can tell us your thoughts about May 17 with a short video, maybe you can write your motto on coloured cardboards and share it with us, or maybe you just send us a photo of your support about May 17. You can do whatever you want to!

Share what you prepared with us at until 14th of May and add strength to our connection!


Let’s connect with our colours together!

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