Booklet on LGBTI+ & The Struggle Against Militarism in the northern part of Cyprus

Booklet on LGBTI+ & The Struggle Against Militarism in the northern part of Cyprus

Every text added to the pool of literature towards a world in which nobody is superior to “the other”, everyone lives in peace, and sexism, speciesism, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia no longer exist, enlightens the way to the future.

With this in mind, we prepared this booklet to reveal the relation between militarism and heterosexism, sexism and speciesism; we hope that this booklet we have prepared, containing discussions from a point or possible points of where the struggle of antimilitarists and LGBTI+ intersect, becomes a handbook for activists and contributes to the existing pool of literature.

Our organisation’s Rainbow Lawyers have worked intensively in the preparation of this booklet. They scanned literature, combined said literature with their experiences in their respective fields, and compiled it into a solid and palpable product. We would like to thank  the Queer Cyprus Association’s Rainbow Lawyers for their hard work.

In this booklet comprising of four main sections, we have tried to evaluate the struggle of LGBTI+ against militarism in several ways. In the first part, we discuss the LGBTI+ struggle in the northern part of Cyprus and the reasons behind Queer Cyprus’s anti-militarist stance. In the second part titled “Masculinity, Violence and the Military”, we discuss standardisation, which is rooted in militarist ideology and disseminated within society by various organisations. As we touch upon the freedom of LGBTI+ and conscription in the third part, in the fourth part we present the right to conscientious objection and its international and local legal framework.

From legislation to media, local or global; we hope our examination of militarism and LGBTI+ across many topics in this booklet, such as the struggle of LGBTI+ or the importance of conscientious objection, make a valuable contribution to the existing literature…

Diversity of Colours Project Team

For the full pdf version of the book: LGBTI+ & The Struggle Against Militarism

Diversity of Colours Project: towards a Cyprus where all colours, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and many more (LGBTI+), can be together!

The Diversity of Colours Project aims to prevent discrimination and make human rights for LGBTI+ more accessible in the northern part of Cyprus. The Diversity of Colours Project, which started in December 2018 and will continue for three years, is funded by the Cypriot Civil Society in Action VI Programme of the European Union and is implemented by Queer Cyprus Association.

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