Shaping Our Future

We started as Initiative Against Homophobia to our road and carried out various projects for more than 10 years, made law changes where homosexuality was not seen as crime anymore and contribute to the efforts to criminalise hate speech based on sexual orientation and gender identity criminalised in our geography .The road was long and bumpy and we had a lot of success, but we know that we have a long way to walk, so many laws and minds to change …

For this reason, we are going to have the “Let’s Shape Our Future Together” event, which we regularly organize.
Let’s shape our future together in our event where we will have fun together.

Within the scope of COVID-19 measures, the event will be held online on Zoom on 25 and 28 August in order to maintain social distance in our event.
Participants are kindly requested to pre-register by sending an e-mail to, stating the date on which they will attend the event.

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