LGBTI+ Physical Health Booklet

LGBTI+ Physical Health Booklet

In this booklet, you will read about various healthcare barriers which unfortunately still exist, as well as previous barriers and discrimination that we have already
overcome. I have written this booklet both as a doctor who is interested in the topic professionally, and as a queer person who has been personally subjected to
discrimination and prejudice in the medical setting.
Through the years that I’ve worked on sexual and reproductive health and rights, I have encountered many troubling information from the past that made
me sad, angry, and determined to make a difference. I am a strong believer of community care and I wanted to help provide reliable, accessible, queer friendly information regarding LGBTI+ physical health to our community, in a way it could be accessed without having to worry about the potential complications of going to healthcare clinics. My hope for all of us, as I’m writing this, is that one day future generations will look back on this booklet and be shocked by the problems we have faced.
Fidan Şenova M.D.

For the full pdf version of the book: LGBTI+ Physical Health Booklet

Diversity of Colours Project: towards a Cyprus where all colours, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and many more (LGBTI+), can be together!

The Diversity of Colours Project aims to prevent discrimination and make human rights for LGBTI+ more accessible in the northern part of Cyprus. The Diversity of Colours Project, which started in December 2018 and will continue for three years, is funded by the Cypriot Civil Society in Action VI Programme of the European Union and is implemented by Queer Cyprus Association.

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