The Access to Employment and Experiences of LGBTI+s in the Labour Market in the Nothern Part of Cyprus

The Access to Employment and Experiences of LGBTI+s in the Labour Market in the northern part of Cyprus

Queer Cyprus Association is a non-governmental organization that has been working since 2007 to struggle against all kinds of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as language, ethnicity, religion, and race, and to raise awareness about the problems faced by LGBTI+s.  LGBTI+s are faced with various discriminatory and negative attitudes and behaviors in the labour market cycle, as in many other fields. The Access to Employment and Experiences of LGBTI+s in Labour Market in the Northern Part of Cyprus report reveals the discriminatory, negative attitudes and behaviors toward LGBTI+s in the field of employment.  The report of LGBTI+’s access to employment and their experience in the labor market provides a broad framework for understanding LGBTI+s’ educational life, career choice, job-seeking experiences, discrimination experiences in the workplace (harassment, outing, mobbing, assault) and the consequences of these experiences and include some recommendations.  In the first two parts of the report, previous studies reveal the difficulties LGBTI+s face in the employment cycle.  Other sections reveal the reflections of the sexual orientation and gender identities of LGBTI+s in the labor market in the North of Cyprus, revealing the results expressed by LGBTI+s about what would have been different if there had been no discrimination instead of results.  In the last section, suggestions are given.  We would like to thank the participants of the survey, in-depth interviews, and focus group studies who made this study possible.  This report would not have been possible without your experiences and opinions you shared with us.

For the Report: LGBTI+s in the Labour Market

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