Experiences of LGBTI+ in Labour Market Online Seminar

As Queer Cyprus Association, we are talking about the discrimination and marginalization that LGBTI+ workers experience in the employment cycle, with an online seminar that will be held via Zoom! The inequality that we, as LGBTI+’s, experience in many aspects of society, unfortunately manifests itself in the employment and labor market as well. The online seminar that will be held to talk about the educational life of LGBTI+s, career choice, job search experience, discrimination in the workplace (harassment, disclosure, mobbing, attack, etc.) and the results of these experiences. The event will be moderated by Activist Lawyer Faika Deniz Pasha and the presentations will be made by Prof. Dr. Fatma Güvensanlıer and Assoc. Dr. Feyza Bahtti‘s! This event, in which we will discuss the violations of rights with different dimensions, is open to everyone’s participation.

As we always emphasize, LGBTI+ workers and laborers EXISTS in cafe, school, hospital, bar, road, bus, association, parliament, construction, universities, kitchen and everywhere!!!

Don’t forget to register for the Event Zoom Link.

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/LGBTIemekcilerseminer

Event Language: Turkish

You can send questions about the event to us via the Solidarity Line (0542 858 5847).

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