Queer Cyprus Association Conducted Advocacy Visits in the Education and Health Sectors.

(Nicosia, 02.09.2022) Queer Cyprus Association held meetings with organizations and ministries working in the fields of education and health.

Queer Cyprus Association held meetings with the Cyprus Turkish Nurses and Midwives Association, Cyprus Turkish Medical Association, the Ministry of Health, Universal Patient Rights Association, and the Turkish Cypriot Psychologists Association within the scope of rights advocacy meetings. In the field of education, the Ministry of Education, Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union (KTÖS), Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teachers’ Union (KTOEÖS) and Cyprus Turkish Psychological Counselling and Guidance Association (KT-PDR) were visited. Board members of the relevant institutions and Derviş Taşkıranlar, Aycan Garip and Ömür Ray from the Queer Cyprus Association attended the advocacy visits.Within the scope of the visits, findings were conveyed from Queer Cyprus Association’s most recent research studies, ‘Mapping the Situation of LGBTI+ Sex Workers’, ‘Legal Gap Analysis’, ‘LGBTI+’s Access to Social Services’, and ‘LGBTI+’s Access to Employment and Labour Market Experiences’ and solutions for rights violations experienced by LGBTI+s were discussed.


Queer Cyprus Association, which conducts studies to investigate in depth the rights violations that lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and more (LGBTI+) are exposed to in the fields of education and health, to offer solutions, and to facilitate LGBTI+’s access to equal rights, also detailed information about their plans and targets for 2022-25 and information was exchanged on how to establish inter-institutional cooperation.

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