10th May Press Conference and 17th May Event Calendar

Our Pride Week begins with the slogan and activism of being free together. Through the events that will take place between May 10th and May 20th we are once again raising our voices and proclaiming our existence together.


We want to live with our fundamental human rights and freedoms. We want to read, work, create, love, be loved, and experience all the beauty and, of course, the challenges of life as free individuals. We want individuality to develop along with being free together, and we want to coexist in life together. Our existence is not a threat; it is our diversity! LGBTI+ individuals exist in all areas of life and will continue to exist. Creating an equal and fair life for all members of this society, and protecting the right to life for all of us are the two the primary responsibilities of the authorities!

We are raising our voices once again against all discourse and practices that ignore us, portray us as abnormal, and subject us to hate speech: We are free together, and LGBTI+ individuals exist in all areas of life and will continue to exist. We invite you to become stakeholders in our unity and diversity through our events.

On May 17th, we will gather at 18:00 in front of Suitex and walk together. 

May 17th Organizing Committee:

Queer Cyprus Association
Refugee Rights Association
Civil Society Initiative Association
CTP Women’s Organization
CTP Youth Organization
SOS Children’s Village
Left Movement
Youth Left
Accept LGBTI Cyprus
TDP-TKP Youth Organization
Independence Path
Women’s Education Collective
Press Union
Positive Thinking Initiative
Baraka Cultural Center Association
Human Rights Platform
People’s Party – Gender Equality Committee
Nicosia Youth Association
Famagusta Youth Union
Kyrenia Youth Association
Queer Collective Cy
Turkish Cypriot Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association (KT-PDR)
Turkish Cypriot Psychologists Association
Cyprus Turkish Bar Association Human Rights Committee
Eastern Mediterranean University Department of Psychology
Eastern Mediterranean University Center for Social Sensitivity
Cyprus International University PDAREM
METU Psychology Society
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