The brochure “LGBTI+ Inclusive Education is Possible” has been published

The brochure titled “LGBTI+ Inclusive Education is Possible”, has been published by Queer Cyprus Association (QCA) within the Rainbow Project, funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society in Action VII Grant Program and in collaboration with the Turkish Cyprus Secondary Education Teachers’ Union, and the Turkish Cyprus Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association

The LGBTI+ Inclusive Education is Possible brochure has been specially prepared for educators to promote an LGBTI+ inclusive school environment based on the idea that all students should feel safe and supported in schools. The brochure was prepared with the consultation of experts such as social psychologists, psychological counselors and guidance professionals, and teachers working in schools. The first part of the brochure includes LGBTI+ terminology, i.e. appropriate information for educators about gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and gender characteristics and how education can be more inclusive.  Then, the brochure sheds light on the bullying faced by LGBTI+ students and the possible consequences of this bullying and discrimination on LGBTI+s. The negative impact of discrimination, harassment, bullying and the knock-on effect it has on LGBTI+ students’ academic success, mental health and general health was pointed out. The brochure follows on to highlight the needs and actions required to enable an inclusive education in which LGBTI+ students are supported throughout. The “LGBTI+ inclusive education is possible” brochure underlines what educators can do to in order to make students feel safe and learn freely. Finally, the brochure provides practical suggestions for teachers and emphasizes the importance of cooperation and consultations with civil society organizations to make LGBTI+ inclusive education possible. 

Queer Cyprus Association, Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teachers’ Union and Cyprus Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association stated that they will continue to work for LGBTI+ students and their supporters to feel safe and supported in school environments and that the LGBTI+ Inclusive Education is Possible brochure is a step taken for this purpose. If you have further questions about the brochure or would like to contact the association, you can contact them on 0542 858 58 47 or

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