Cheesy Rhythms Vol. 7

Where were we at Cheesy Rhythms, the long missed concept with songs we are sure you will all sing along to?
🔻Get ready to move and groove for a cause! Join us as we dance to break the chains of stigma, discrimination, and marginalization linked to HIV. Bring your joyful spirit, colorful attire, and a heart full of love. Let’s unite in rhythm against prejudice!. Bring your joy, laughter and your most colorful selves. #cheesyrhythms
📅Date: 22 September 2023
⏰Time: 20.00
📍Place: Indigo Cafe & Bar
Solidarity contribution: 100 TL
*Solidarity contribution will be used for the activities to be carried out within the scope of December 1, World HIV and AIDS Awareness Day.

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