Feminism is For Everyone: Reading Group

“Come closer and you will see: Feminism is for everyone.” We are all reading the book “Feminism is for Everyone” written by bell hooks as a handbook for anyone looking for a realistic answer to the question “What is feminism?” that is not based on fear or fantasy. This book, which aims to address known misconceptions about feminism and break the prejudices that feminism is only “anti-male” also suggests us to reconsider feminism in the context of race, class and ethnicity. If you want to be a part of this reading group, where we will meet at intervals we will determine together, read chapters from the book and chat about it, you can register from the link in our profile. In order for the readings to be efficient, a limited number of registrations will be taken. The event will take place at the Queer Cyprus office on mutually determined days, with the facilitation of Erman Dolmacı.

Registration form: https://forms.gle/pty933nBAHbDik2MA

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