,Queer Cyprus Association Conducted Advocacy Visits in the Education and Health Sectors.

The Queer Cyprus Association held meetings with organizations working in the fields of education and health.

The Queer Cyprus Association held meetings with the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association, Universal Patients’ Rights Association, Cyprus Turkish Psychologists Association, and Cyprus Turkish Physiotherapists Association working in the field of health as part of the advocacy meetings of the Rainbow Project, funded by the European Union under the Aid Program for the Turkish Cypriot Community. The project aims to strengthen the education and health rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and others (LGBTI+). In the field of education, in addition to the visit to the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union (KTÖS) and the Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teachers’ Union (KTOEÖS) last month, a visit was made to the Cyprus Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association (KT-PDR). Participants of the advocacy meeting included board members of two associations and representatives of the Queer Cyprus Association.

During the meetings, the results of the attitude research towards LGBTI+s conducted among health and education professionals in the initial stages of the project were presented and discussed. Based on the findings of the attitude research, the requests that emerged during roundtable meetings with health and education professionals were conveyed, and information was shared regarding the draft content of the training programme being developed for education and health sector. Additionally, the collaboration for the implementation of the “Rainbow Training Programs” education series prepared for the education and health sectors within the scope of the project were discussed.

Furthermore, information was provided regarding the financial support available for education and healthcare within the scope of the Rainbow Project. Discussions were held with two organisations to establish an anti-discrimination working group aimed at conducting in-depth research into rights violations experienced by LGBTI+s in the health and education sector, proposing solutions, and facilitating equal access to rights for LGBTI+s.

In the statement made by the Queer Cyprus Association, collaborations with the organisations working in health and education were emphasised to contribute positively to strengthening LGBTI+ rights.

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