Let me write my own story


On 20 November 1998 in Boston, USA, Rita Hester was stabbed to death following a transphobic attack. Rita Hester’s murder became a symbol of “Trans Day of Remembrance”, which was a project that began a year after Rita Hester’s death. This day, 20th November, is commemorated as Trans Day of Remembrance in many countries around the world.

In our country, trans individuals are subjected to all forms of discrimination and violence due to existing prejudice. As a result of this prejudice, many trans people are unable to enjoy their fundamental human rights such as health rights in addition to experiencing issues in regard to housing rights, and impoverishment.

On such a significant day, you may act with solidarity and show your support by purchasing a pencil that we produced with the slogan “Let me write my story!” because togetherness is strength.

When you take a look at the pencil, you will see that it is wrapped with the LGBTI+ symbol, a rainbow. When you look even closer, you will see that the colour red which symbolizes life, begins in the colour gray and turns into red towards the end of the pencil.

We experience hate, discrimination and obstacles that stem from transphobia for most of our lives. We would like to shout out to all the grays in our life: Let me write my story! We know that if we raise our voice in unity, we will be able to eliminate all the grays and exist here with all our colours. We will exist, just like the seeds at the end of the pencil, which will turn into true life forms by being planted into a flowerpot.

Let me write my own story; let me live free from marginalization, prejudice and discrimination.

You can obtain our seed pencils from, Atölye Sanat Sepet Cyprus, Cafe 5, Canteen,  Ghetto Cafe, Grön Vegan, Ravelin Gate ve Rüstem Kitabevi.

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