Empower the Colours

Empower the Colours

Queer Cyprus Association is a civil society movement that works on equal access to human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and pluses (LGBTI+).

In line with this purpose, we carry out many advocacy works and provide psychological, legal and social support services. Although these services started a short time ago, nearly 50 people have been regularly supported and hundreds of people have been provided one-time support so far. Thus, LGBTI+’s and their relatives who experienced economic exclusion due to LGBTI+ phobia in society had the opportunity to benefit from these services.

You can be our regular donor and show solidarity with us to empower our colors so that we can make our voice stronger, make our human rights advocacy works sustainable and reach more people by ensuring the continuity of the services we provide, in order to meet the increasing demands in the Covid 19 – Pandemic, especially.

It is now in your hands to support our movement and make us stronger! It is time to Empower the Colours!


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