QueerFest Film Festival Cyprus

QueerFest Film Festival Cyprus

Pink Life QueerFest is an organization which creates a space for artistic expression in the context of LGBTI+ rights; brings together various art forms including cinema, performance, music and video; and organizes empowering panels, discussions, workshops, screenings and presentations.

Pink Life QueerFest is considered as a “social issues festival” in which social issues are part of the agenda and/or socially underrepresented groups are provided with a platform. The organization, which began in Ankara in 2011, uses art as a tool for activism; facilitation; documentation; empowerment; inspiration; and transformation.

As the only LGBTI+ themed art festival in Turkey, QueerFest was held in many cities around Turkey in a short period of time and was then organized in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Greece.

This year, QueerFest will also be organized in Cyprus and will start with an Opening Event on 14th May, Tuesday at 18:30 with a screening of “Gece, Melek ve Bizim Çocuklar” (The Night, Angel and Our Children). Besides the film screenings that will take place in Famagusta Castle Arcade on 16th May, Thursday, all activities will be held in Arabahmet Culture and Arts Centre.


May 14, Tuesday

Venue: Arabahmet Kültür & Sanat Evi

18:30 Opening Ceremony
19:15 Screening: The Night, Angel and Our Children
21:00 Discussion: The Night , Angel and Our Queers

May 15, Wednesday

Venue: Arabahmet Kültür & Sanat Evi

19:00 Screening: Short Films at the Intersection of Queerness and Dis/ability
20:30 Screening: Hatewalk, 72′
21:45 Workshop: Sex Workers Rights

May 16, Thursday

Venue: Famagusta Castle Arcade

19:00 Screening: Queerdom of Memories Shorts Selection
20:30 Our Memories, Our Histories

May 17, Friday

Venue: Arabahmet Kültür & Sanat Evi

19:00 Screening: Queer Cyprus Special Shorts Selection
21:00 Screening: Her Story

All films are subtitled in English and Turkish.
Screenings are free of charge.


This event is organised with the support of the Grow Civic Programme financed by the European Union.

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