Rainbow Project

The Rainbow Project, which is funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society in Action VII Grant Scheme and implemented by the Queer Cyprus Association, commenced on 13 April 2022 and will continue for 30 months. The project aims to increase LGBTI+ inclusiveness in the education and health sectors in the northern part of Cyprus. With the support of relevant stakeholders, the Rainbow Project aims to ensure the capacity, effectiveness and sustainability of LGBTI+’s rights to education and health, as well as increasing LGBTI+ community members’ access to these rights. Moreover, the project will contribute to increasing the diversity of the Queer Cyprus Association’s supporters through the project’s community-building activities.


The following activities will be conducted within the scope of the project:

 1. Curriculum Development

  • Surveys to map the attitude of educators and health workers towards LGBTI+s
  • Gap analysis of the school curriculum
  • Focus group meetings with experts
  • Developing modules for LGBTI+ inclusive education

 2. Making Available Sector-Specific Trainings

  • Round table discussions
  • Capacity building trainings for trainers in the education and health sectors
  • Trainings conducted by trained trainers in the health and education sector.

3.Capacity Building of QCA

  • Outreach and community building activities
  • Advocacy visits to relevant stakeholders
  • Expanding QCA’s network on both international and local levels

4. Third-party Financing to Activists & CSOs

  • Rainbow Fund

5.Visibility and Information Sharing

  • Thematic discussions
  • Informative brochures, billboards, and promotional materials
  • Two seminars on education and health


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