Stronger Together

 ‘Stronger Together Project’, funded by ILGA Europe (ILGA-EU) under the “Nobody Left Behind ” Fund to overcome socio-economic barriers for LGBTI communities and run by the Queer Cyprus Association, started in August 2020 and will be implemented for 11 months. .

The ‘Stronger Together Project’ aims to contribute to the struggle of Queer Cyprus to strengthen the socio-economically vulnerable LGBTI + community in the northern part of Cyprus. In addition, raising awareness of the socio-economic problems experienced by LGBTI + s, developing technical capacity to raise the voices of LGBTI + s who are socio-economically vulnerable and at risk, and establishing a platform for the continuation of advocacy activities, and finally, potential LGBTI + It aims to improve access to rights by providing employment counselling to victims and those at risk.


Some of the activities we aim to realize within the scope of the project are as follows;

  • Mapping the access of LGBTI + people to employment in the northern part of Cyprus,
  • Focus group meeting with LGBTI + people,
  • Printing and publication of the report of the mapping study,
  • Advocacy plan training with LGBTI + people who are vulnerable in socio-economic situation based on mapping study ,
  • Making alliance visits to NGO, trade unions, tradesmen and craftsmen,
  • Preparation of a comprehensive law on inclusive housing for the labor force and LGBTI + conducting advocacy visits with local units responsible for policy making,
  • Training for the social welfare department,
  • Employment consultancy and social assistance services 



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