May 9 - Press Conference

Dear members of the press;

Our pride week begins. On May 17, we will be on the streets again, just like every year.

The events, which will take place under the slogan “My Family, My Decision”, will end with

the Pride Party to be held on May 17 after the Cyprus Pride Parade.


Our family is Our Decision because we have been taught and internalized the

standard of being a family in every field. A reasonable/Traditional/Accepted family built

repeatedly in schoolbooks and curriculum, in the workplace, in social circles. In a workshop

organized by the Presidency, its explained that the nuclear family consists of ‘a mother, a

father and children’. Any family structure outside the norm frequently ignored. When it

comes to LGBTQI+, the question is how do we explain it to our children? When domestic

violence occurs, the police say, ‘We cannot interfere in family matters’. While violence

against LGBTI+ people is seen as legitimate in public spaces, it is said that “we respect

LGBTQI+ community, but let them not bring the matters to a spotlight, let them do whatever

they want in private”. Unfortunately, a deputy elected by the people can say, ‘There is no

such thing in our custom, Alhamdulillah we are Muslims’.


We raise our voices against all above discourses and practices and roar again, there

are LGBTI+s in every aspect of life and they will continue to exist. Be with us in a week that

will be full, let us meet in front of Suitex on May 17 and pace together.


17 May Organizing Committee:

• Queer Cyprus Association

• Queer Collective Cy

• Center for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development-SeeD

• Yeni Enternasyonalist Sol – Νέα Διεθνιστική Αριστερά – The New Internationalist


• Özgür ve Asi – Unchained Rebel Women Cy – Μαχητικές και Ελεύθερες

• Mediterranean European Art Association –EMAA


• Refugee Rights Association

• Famagusta Youth Union • Left Movement

• CTP Women’s Organization

• CTP Youth Organization

• TDP Youth Organization



• Baraka

• Bağımsızlık Yolu

• Individual participants

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17 May Organising Committee Press Conference [Press Release]