Speak Up – Know Your Rights

The peace operations which took place in Famagusta, as well as Nicosia and Kyrenia, has successfully ‘disturbed the peace’ of local and foreign residents as well as local and foreign students at our universities. As we are not used to facing such situations in Famagusta, we are organizing a panel of speakers who will be able to answer questions such as “what do I do when faced with the police in such circumstances”, “what documents may they want to see”, and “what are my rights?” We would be happy to see you join us in our efforts to get informed and be prepared.

The event will be predominantly in English although volunteer translators for Turkish and Arabic will be present to translate upon request. We will have coffee and tea to keep you warm.

TRANSPORTATION: If you are traveling from EMU, there will be a free bus service courtesy of DAU-SEN. Please check the page for updates and to make your reservation.

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