We Are Looking for The First Intern of 2021.

 We Are Looking for The First Intern of 2021.

As Queer Cyprus Association, we are looking for an intern for the internship programme.

The internship programme will be implemented in scope of the Diversity of Colours Project funded by the European Union and implemented by the Queer Cyprus Association.

As the Queer Cyprus Association, we have been organizing internship programs since 2019. We are searching for interns for the internship programme at Queer Cyprus Association. We are looking for interns who are part of the LGBTI+ movement and would like to participate in the either one month fulltime or two months part time Queer Cyprus Internship Programme with the ambition to contribute to the associations’ activities and to help out the team.

Every organisation has its own characteristics, as the Queer Cyprus Association, we are an organisation that has an anti-hierarchical structure and works with sociocracy. If you are willing to observe and experience our association and its functioning, you’re good at time management, and have assertive personality we invite you to become an intern of Queer Cyprus!

Our expectations from interns are; supporting the team with office work, taking active responsibilities during project activities, knowing and using digital platforms well, to create content for the website, to be able to edit videos, contributing fundraising events, supporting the team with media monitoring and reporting work.

With this internship, you will have the opportunity to develop your administrative and communication skills, socialize and gain experience on working in a rights-based civil society organization.

You may contact us by sending an e-mail to queercyprus@gmail.com.

Before submitting your application, please read the Queer Cyprus Association – Internship Programme Booklet for more details!

Application Deadline: Friday, 15/02/2021, at 18:00 (Cyprus Time).

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