Queer Cyprus Association launched ‘My Right’ Campaign.

(Nicosia, 4.11.2021) The LGBTI+ in Freedom from Exploitation LIFE Project is funded by the European Union under the “Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings” Grant Scheme and implemented by Queer Cyprus Association in cooperation with KAOS-GL. Within the scope of the LIFE Project, an awareness-raising campaign called My Right has started. The campaign consists of 5 billboards in different areas, a series of social media posts followed by an awareness-raising video.

My Right campaign focuses on 6 different thematic areas in which LGBTI+s commonly faces discrimination and marginalisation: family, education, employment, housing, health and life.  The campaign has been designed based on the findings of two studies published under the Life project: ‘Situational Mapping of LGBTI+ Sex Workers in the northern part of Cyprus’ and ‘LGBTI+s’ Access to Existing Social Services in the northern part of Cyprus’.  The campaign aims to create a dialogue on systematic human rights violations that LGBTI+s face in the northern part of Cyprus.

My Right campaign video conclude with sentences of people as “We will not allow for the system or people’s prejudices to hold us back.  Growing up in a safe environment and choosing my family, education, employment, access to safe housing options, equal access to health care services, freedom, equality, and a life full of love is #My Right. Despite humiliation, stigmatization, hate speech and marginalization imposed on us, we are here as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and pluses. We are in every aspect of your daily lives. We all have the right to live in freedom. Until the face of the earth is coloured with love. Despite the hate, up with life.”  with emphasis on the struggle against the rights violations that LGBTI+s experience in society will continue more strongly.

To get more information on the My Right Campaign you can visit social media accounts and the website of the Queer Cyprus Association.


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