Monthly Talks: Pride Marches

We are talking about pride marches! On May 15th, we welcome everyone to our Monthly Talks where we will come together and talk about many topics such as the meaning of pride parades in history, why they are held in many countries every year, and their contribution to LGBTI+ and human rights.

Pride marches are events celebrated around the world to promote the rights of LGBTI+s and celebrate their diversity. The streets of New York City were filled to capacity in 1970 to remember the Stonewall riots and demand equal rights for the community. Pride marches are also important as a platform for political activism and advocacy for LGBTI+ rights and social justice. Although they may offend a certain group of people, Pride marches are a symbol of LGBTI+ rights and a celebration of diversity and inclusion. Let’s talk and discuss all this together.

Note: Immediately after our monthly conversations event, those who wish will be able to prepare the banners they want to carry in the pride march with our Banner Preparation workshop.


Time 18.30

Location: Queer Cyprus Association

The event language is Turkish and Turkish-English support will be provided upon request.

Those who wish to participate in the event are required to pre-register by filling out the event registration form.

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