For us, September 23 means bisexual+ visibility day, which means breaking down prejudices.

This day, which a few rights defenders in the USA started to celebrate under the name Celebrate Bisexuality+ Day, is now embraced by millions of LGBTI+ activists from all over the world.

Unfortunately, bisexuals and bi+s are seen still as ‘in-between, indecisive, etc.’ and are exposed to discrimination by many segments of society (even including some LGBTI+s). This is exactly why voicing and increasing bisexual+ visibility means breaking down prejudices for us.

Our fight against biphobia continues from past to present, and we would like to say that we do not fit into the identities and stereotypes that have been given to us in this fight. We would like to remind you that we are protecting our identities with Bisexual+ Visibility Day.

On this special day, we would like to remind you that as bisexuals/bi+s, we will not hide our sexual orientation, on this basis, we still believe in a world where we are not subject to violence and discrimination, and where we can exist freely and equally as ourselves.

We wish a year free from discrimination, where we will proudly wave our bisexual+ flag of pride.

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