Out and Proud Party Vol 1

Like every year we are organising 17 May events filled with entertainment, ideological debates, movie screenings and lots of interactions.

We are beginning our series of events at Famagusta Old Arcade with “Out and Proud Party Vol 1”. With creative musics of Inal Bilsel we are getting out of the normative boxes that society has put as in and come out to have fun !

We are awaiting everyone who would like to dance away any kind of discrimination.

Bring your joy, laughter, and most colourful self with you !

About the event;

The pulp-sci-fi infused audio-visual set of Inal Bilsel is coming to Famagusta for the ritualistic screening/dance party stuff!

“Tales From the Future” is a ludicrous marriage of futuristic-nostalgia imagery with equally oddball compositions conceived in the experimental labs of Inal Bilsel. Leave your preconceptions aside; mainstream dance music is not welcomed here.

“Tales From The Future” is the odd boy in town, an eccentric audio-visual show that flirts with the norms but in the end, defies them all. This is not a DJ set, this is a journey!

THE MUSIC STARTS AT: 10:30 (until 2am)

More about Inal Bilsel: www.inalbilsel.com

DATE: 04.05.2019

Time: 22:30

Entrance as solidarity donation: 15TL

Out and Proud Party Vol 1