Commit project is funded by the European Union and implemented by Refugee Rights Association in partnership with Cyprus Turkish Bar Association, Famagusta Youth Centre Association, Nicosia Turkish Municipality, Queer Cyprus Association, Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation, Turkish Cypriot Journalists Association and associated by SOS Children’s Village Association had project launch on 25th of May 2019 in Walled City of Nicosia.

Project Coordinator of LGBTI+ in Freedom from Exploitation (LifE), which is funded by the European Union and implemented by Queer Cyprus Association with the partnership with KAOS-GL,  gave a speech on the Project Launch of Commit project as a partner of the project.



“As Queer Cyprus Association, we always emphasize the importance of intersectionality in rights-based advocacy and activism. When the situation of LGBTIs in the society becomes thinner, the impoverishment and socio-political pressures experienced by the heteronormative patriarchal exploitative system are in such an extent that they cannot be ignored. LGBTIs are vulnerable and exploited and driven to human trafficking because of systems based on the perception of gender, and we are responsible for fulfilling our responsibility as a partner in this project. We will ensure that the studies conducted by voicing LGBTI + existence on the subject are inclusive over sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. At the same time, as Queer Cyprus, we have developed the synergies between LGBTI +s in this process by developing reports on the exploitation of sex workers and access to social services, and on the platform and other projects established in the scope of the  LGBTI+s in Freedom from Exploitation (Life) Project which we are conducting on Human Trafficking needs to reach a conclusion that meets. First of all, I would like to thank Commit Project employees and the Refugee Rights Association, and then the European Union for their support in this field. “

Project Coordinator of Life Project Doğukan Gümüşatam Gave Speech on Project Launch of “Coordinated Measures and Mechanisms for Anti-trafficking (COMMIT)” Project