With Solidarity Line, Queer Cyprus Association have been trying to find answers to questions of LGBTI+’s, their  family and friend of the northern part of Cyprus via text messages and phone calls since 2017. Although our individual experiences vary, we face common issues in various areas.

In the process of preparing the Informational Leaflet, especially the Solidarity Line team and Lawyer Faika Deniz Pasha worked hard. We would like to thank our authors who worked hard on this subject and helped us present this informative leaflet to you.

Queer Cyprus Association


Click here to download the Informative Leaflet: Solidarity Line Informative Leaflet


LGBTI+ in Freedom from Exploitation LIFE Project, for Cyprus where Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and beyond (LGBTI+) will be free from exploitation.

LGBTI+ in Freedom from Exploitation LIFE Project, aims to contribute to the struggle of LGBTI+s who are trafficked in the northern part of Cyprus. The Project , which is funded by the European Union under the “Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings” Grant Scheme and implemented by Queer Cyprus Association in cooperation with KAOS-GL,  started in May 2019 and will be implemented for thirty months.

Solidarity Line Informative Leaflet