Committee Press Conference

May 17 Organization Committee Press Conference

17th May, 1990 is the anniversary of the removal of homosexuality from the World Health Organization’s mental illness list. This day will be celebrated in this year by the May 17 Organization Committee, as it does every year.

This year’s team is “We Connected with Our Colours Under the Same Sky”. The events of May 17 Week will give a start with Press Conference. The Press Conference will be held live on the Committee’s Facebook page on May 11 at 10:00.

Committee stakeholders: Baraka, GİGEM, CTP Youth Organization, TDP Youth Organization, EMAA, Bağımsızlık Yolu, Çağ-Sen, Mesarya Women İnitiative, University Women Collective, EU Infopoint, Halkın Partisi – TCEK, KAYAD Community Center ve Queer Cyprus Association.

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