The 100th Anniversary of 8th March

“Get Your Hands Off My Body!”

Dear Press Members,
Patriarchy, which has continued for centuries, not only turned women’s body into an object of male dominance but has also become the warzone of the rivalry for the various levels within patriarchy itself. Besides women who have been assaulted, raped, beaten and subjected to psychological, economic and other forms of violence; homosexuals, who are discriminated, have their sexual and bodily rights restricted, systematically degraded and murdered also exist within this warzone. Heterosexist patriarchal power which reproduces control over our own bodies with its discourses and institutions, conceals threats to our bodies including domestic violence, assault and rape; presents gay people as “criminals”; ignores the exploitation of female sex workers in night clubs and enslaves them with help of the government by taking hold of their passports.
On the 100th anniversary of 8th March, as feminists, gay people and human rights activists living in North Cyprus, once again we raise our voice against this oppressive and exploitative heterosexist patriarchy:
Stop sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, homophobia and sexual slavery!
Feminist Atelier (FEMA) & Initiative Against Homophobia (HOKİ)

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