What is Volunteering? What is working wit Volunteers?

Volunteering is an important concept for the inner strengthening of the social structure. They have the opportunity to contribute to LGBTI+ struggle, socialization and volunteer experience in civil society organization. Volunteering gives individuals knowledge, experience, energy, better understanding, sharing, professional approach, and responsibility.

As being a volunteer in Queer Cyprus Association, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the LGBTI+ struggle, to gain experience in volunteering in the socialization and civil society organization that mentioned above and to gain a lot of experience and information in the activity specificity.

Anybody who sees close to the LGBTI + struggle, they are all welcomed to the association.

To become a volunteer, you can visit the vacancy announcement page or apply for pre-membership and participate in our orientalation activities!

Photo of volunteers at Diversity in Academia Conference:

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